Welcome visitors, users, and readers; warm greetings from the AXXESS Uganda family. We are so privileged and exceedingly honored to unveil this large, and multi-purpose information hub.

At a time like this when the world is changing so fast, all people need access to information that not only help them stand the dynamics of the world, but also empower them to work for the transformation of their communities in their locations. AXXESS Uganda therefore provides you with all the basic information you need for the same purpose.

We must live to understand that every community has got its challenges for a particular time.  Despite the numerous challenges, We have the duty to take action right away. In this regard, we are hopeful and envisioned that AXXESS will serve as Uganda’s gateway to the World. A starting point for Ugandans, expatriates, diplomats, researchers, and others to access and discover Uganda and the world in a single place. A global hub that will address many of the challenges we face today in Uganda and the rest of the world.

What you can do on AXXESS Uganda:

  • Post content (Jobs, Bursaries, Articles, Videos/embeds, Images, etc)
  • Businesses can offer promotions and giveaways to boost & promote their products and services
  • Users can post & discuss on Axxess Base – Community Forums
  • Vote, share, & comment on content from other members
  • Post lessons for students to learn online or download for offline use
  • Students can study online through our free courses
  • Post Polls, Surveys, and Quizes
  • Businesses, schools, & organizations can conduct research
  • Find investment opportunities in Uganda
  • Users can review and recommend businesses, schools, services and more
  • Win prizes from Axxess & our Partners
  • Explore and discover Uganda
  • Find opportunities to make money online while in Uganda (or anywhere, remotely)

AXXESS Uganda seeks to partner with the following:

  • Schools (including colleges & universities)
  • Professional & Diplomatic Organizations
  • CBOs & NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations)
  • Bilateral & Multilateral Organisations
  • Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs
  • Wholesalers
  • Investors
  • Service Providers including consultants in all sectors

Note: Axxess Uganda is not and will not seek partnerships with any business or organization that sells or promotes adult related products or services nor illegal activities. This includes: any business or organization that is involved in alcohol, tobacco, weapons, night clubs or bars, gambling (sports betting or lottery), dating, modelling, adult entertainment, etc.


For more information, Please contact:

AXXESS Uganda:

If you have any inquiries please contact: info @ access.co.ug. For advertising please contact the advertising department – advertise @ axxess.co.ug.

For WhatsApp Use: +256 786 989 078.