Where is Uganda Located in Africa, a Quick Overview?

Ever wanted to visit Uganda? But don’t know where it’s located exactly. We have found a good map (visual) of Africa (see the map above), which clearly depicts where it’s located.

Uganda is located nearly in the center of Africa, towards the east.  In fact, the equator passes through the bottom (southern) parts of Uganda.

Uganda is neighbored by five countries. From the north is the newly formed nation of South Sudan (referendum 2011). Then from the east is its close ally and neighbor of Kenya, from the south is its other close East African ally Tanzania. Rwanda also borders Uganda from the south west, while Congo, shares the longest border with Uganda from the west.

Out of those five countries bordering Uganda, only Congo is outside of the East African bloc. The East African community is comprised of six countries of Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan. The current chairman of the bloc is President Paul Kagame of the Republic of Rwanda. The area where the East African community is located is also referred to as the African Great Lakes region.

In 2019, the new and current president of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Felix Tshisekedi requested for DR Congo to join the East Africa community, but to date, it has yet to join the bloc.

Uganda also have several lakes and rivers, some large and some not so big. Out of these lakes and rivers in Uganda, Lake Victoria and Nile River are the most prominent ones. Lake Victoria being the largest body of fresh and clean water in Uganda is shared by its neighbors of Kenya and Tanzania. Tanzania holding the largest part of the lake and Uganda coming in second.  The Nile River, which has become contentious of late (mainly between Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan), runs through northern Uganda all the way to Lake Victoria. It’s believed by some that Lake Victoria is the source of the Nile, but there is no proof for this argument.

That’s a quick overview of the geographic location of Uganda on the map and where it’s located in Africa.

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